Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is on the way!

"Praise gladly in springtime when earth seems to glow with new life and colour in all things that grow."

It's in the air, I feel it! Spring is on the way. Despite today's biting wind (and last night's ground covering snowfall), the sun is shining and just that alone gives one the feeling that life is on the upswing. But earlier in the week it was really nice, the sun exuded spring's warmth and everywhere you went you heard the constant drip, drip, drip as icicles began to melt. Along south facing walls, the snow began rapidly disappearing and that beautiful damp black earth was exposed. I even saw the shoots of daffodils and some early crocus pushing through the snow. What a joy that was!

Spring is a time for rebirth, a time when seeds and bulbs planted last fall, having had a long winter's rest, germinate and spring to new life bringing smiles and delights to our hearts and gardens. It is a wonderful time of year. And this spring we here at Rosewood have lots to celebrate. Seeds of another kind we have been sowing  with our family charity The Ronnie Fund are also germinating and taking root. On the 7th of April Ronnie will be travelling to Western Carolina University in North Carolina where he will be lecturing as a visiting scholar telling all about our development projects in Wongonyi Village. Meeting with Anthropology, Sociology and Nursing students he will inform them of our programs in Agriculture, Microfinance, Greenhouse Operations, Biosand Water Filters, Educational Scholarships and Health and Nutrition. The tiny seeds that Ronnie has planted and nurtured with Dr. Mwaniki and Dr. Hickey at WCU through their student study abroad program over the past 3 years has blossomed into a great partnership. Ronnie will then travel to The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he has been planting more seeds. Together we are all creating a beautiful garden in Wongonyi Village, Kenya. Then Ronnie joined by his wife Serah will travel here to Bracebridge where they will meet the many donors who have funded over programs and projects over the years.More beautiful flowers will be added to the bouquet.

Gardening takes patience - you sow a little seed, give it sunshine, water and a little love, nurturing it in good weather and bad until one day you can reap a great harvest. Community development is just like gardening - patience and kindness are needed but someday a successful community will be your reward and harvest.