Friday, December 11, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

" Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we've no place to go,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Wow, how appropriate those words are today. For the past three days it has been snowing non-stop here in Bracebridge as you can see from the pictures. The kids have had three days of "school snow days" as the buses haven't been on the road (and I'll tell you they are going stir crazy being holed up here in the house). As I write this looking out the window onto my garden, the snow is now waist high, the bird houses look cute with these high top hats on. It is simply incredible - the snow just doesn't stop and now they have declared Bracebridge as a snow emergency area. Even the snowplows are nowhere to be seen. Everyone is hunkering down in their homes, just as the song says - we have no place to go!

So much for the three lilacs we got last week at the Royal Botanic Garden. We didn't get them in the ground before the snow started, so now they sit inside the doorway and as you can see from the photos, there is no way they are going in the ground now. Winter is definitely here, as garden work has ceased and it is time to sit beside the glowing fire and get caught up on reading all the great garden books I received over the year but just didn't get around to really reading. We might as well enjoy it while we can for as soon as it does stop snowing, we'll all be busy shovelling out and cleaning off roofs. And for those of you outside the snowbelt, if you are looking for a white Christmas - come on up to Bracebridge, you won't be disappointed.

Well, no worries about it not being a white Christmas this year!


  1. Hi Kathy
    Well you certainly did get some snow! We have very little here in Innisfil and I heard you got even more last night.
    We're travelling to North Bay on the 18th so hope there is a trail blazed through by then.
    Nice to see you and Peter again at the GWA gathering. I was told not to try and plant the lilac this late but keep it in our shed or garage.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Judith

    It was great to see you again too and yes, we did have a real dump. We started to think it was never going to stop. Obviously we didn't get our lilacs planted so they are residing in their pots between our doors. Hope to see you at Canada Blooms.