Monday, June 10, 2013

Gardening for Geeks

I just finished reading this great garden book, "Gardening for Geeks" and let me tell you it just isn't for geeks or novice gardeners, even seasoned gardeners can learn a new thing or two. This book by Christy Wilhelmi is chock full of information on the basics of gardening with many great ideas for simple solutions that you can do yourself to complex problems in the garden.

Christy covers the basics of building garden beds, soil amendments, composting and much more. There is information on building your own trellises, irrigation and water harvesting (especially important in these days of climate change) plus information on various techniques of gardening including French intesive, Aquaponics and Bio-intesive.

The book also provides information on growing a variety of basic vegetable crops and then finished up with some recipes to use your fresh picked produce (they're simple too if your not into cooking). As well Christy provides information on a variety of ways to save your produce including making your own dehydrator.

Gardening for Geeks is a real how to manual that is easy to understand and follow, a must have for any novice gardener or garden geek or for those of us who need a refresher or want to learn something new. I know I got some new ideas and tips I want to put to use in my garden this summer. So take time out from weeding, settle down with a cool drink and enjoy this book - it's a quick read.

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  1. My granny has the exact book! She loves her garden and always takes me to help her with it. I bought her another book from last month. It's about winter gardens - "Frozen Hands but Warm Heart".