Monday, February 11, 2013

Edible Gardening - No Yard, No Time, No Problem

The trend toward edible gardening just continues to grow and grow. And I'm sure there will be even more converts to edible gardening when those who do the grocery shopping receive a shock as I did last week at the veggie market when Asapargus had jumped to $6.99 lb and all greens including lettuces, celery, kale and collard greens along with broccoli and cauliflower were $2.99 and up. My shopping bill doubled and I only purchased the barest of necessities in terms of fresh produce. Just think that you can purchase a packet of lettuce seeds for $2.19 for one of Renee's Mixed Greens and get several weeks of daily meals of fresh lettuce.

So I was really interested to read William Moss's book "Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening, the No Yard, No Time, No Problem Way to Grow Your Own Food." This is another great book for those just venturing into the world of growing your own edible foods. William's down-to earth style makes it easy for those starting to get their fingers dirty to get involved whether they have space for a backyard garden, room for a few pots on a balcony or patio, or simply a window box or two. It's also a great resource book for those involved in Community Gardens who are new to gardening. He lays out the basics of soil, soil tests, seed sowing, intercropping, watering, fertilizing and even composting. The books also offers step by step instruction for the planting, maintaining and harvesting of a selection of the easiest to grow veggies. And for those who love the delicious taste of a fresh picked, sun warmed tomato there is a whole chapter devoted to this most popular of garden fruits (and yes, a tomato is actually a fruit). The only thing I might dispute is William's motto of "no time" as all gardening does take time and patience but the edible results are well worth the time and effort. Easy to read this book is sure to make a successful vegetable farmer out of anyone and once you taste your own home grown produce there's no turning back!

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