Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Square Foot Gardening Answer Book

Wow, how time has flown since I lasted posted here but family and community obligations just seem to get in the way. But now with frigid temperatures here restricting many outdoor activities, it seems the perfect time to settled down with a hot mug of Vanilla Chai tea and get caught up on a little reading (or rather a whole lot of reading if you could see the stack by my bed). But today I've just completed reading Mel Bartholomew's book "Square Foot Gardening Answer Book".

I didn't have the opportunity to read Mel's first book on Square Foot Gardening but I have been a promoter of square foot gardening for many years. My own backyard garden consists of six 4 X 4 ft raised beds. I find the beds easy to work in as you can reach the middle from all sides. You can dedicated each square to a single crop or mix and match your veggies, especially if you are practicing succession planting. And the height of the raised beds makes it easy on the back and knees for those who are advancing in age (like myself).

Even if you are new to square foot gardening and without having read the first book, Mel's "Answer Book" will set you on the right path to successful square foot gardening. This easy to read book is perfect for novice gardeners with information on how to set up your garden to the shelf life of your harvest and everything in between. It covers soil, composting, mulch, yields, seeds versus seedling,critter control and how to handle pests and diseases including recipes for organic pesticide sprays. Even a veteran gardener will learn a tip or two from this helpful resource book. It's a quick read and I love how Mel ends with his chapter on "Making A Difference, how square foot gardening can change the world in economically depressed areas here at home and in Third World countries by creating sustainable food security through individual and community gardening. If you have limited growing area, square foot gardening may be just the answer you've been seeking. Give this book a look and square foot gardening a try.

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